• Samaritans - freephone 24/7 on 116123, Text: 087.2609090 email:
  • Childline (ISPCC) - freephone 24/7 on 1800 666 666, Text "Talk" to 50101, or go to
  • Bereavement support line (Irish Hospice foundation) - Tel: 1800 80 70 77
  • Talk to your GP/Doctor

Other Information

  • Therapy Session: 60 Euro for a 1-hour session.
  • Payment options: cash, cheque, or PayPal account

How often should I attend my therapy sessions ?

Clients usually will meet with their therapist on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This can be discussed with the therapist in order to determine this together. 

When clients start their therapeutic process – it is important to be consistent with their sessions. If there are too many gaps in the therapeutic work, then a lot more session time is spent rebuilding comfort and rapport, which can slow down the process. Again, this can be discussed with the therapist to see what fits the client best.

Emaior provides one on one therapeutic integrative psychotherapy/ counselling services to -

  • Adult
  • Adolescents  

When working with adolescents, - Parents/caregivers are invited to engage in a parental review every 8 weeks to assess the therapeutic journey of the adolescent. During these sessions, there will be an opportunity to address any concerns parents/caregivers may have and equip them with resources to support the adolescent throughout the therapy process.

The participation of adolescent in these reviews will be based on their full consent and will be discussed with them beforehand. Similar to the approach in adult psychotherapy, emphasis will be placed on building a strong therapeutic alliance, and feedback and reviews will be actively encouraged.

Safe Professional Confidential Psychotherapy & Counselling Services

Contact: Emaior on 086-1060255